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Antique Bisque Kewpie

Rose O'Neill KEWPIE GARDNER doll w/ sticker. Antique, Bisque Circa 1910-1920




Rose O'Neill KEWPIE DOLL w/shoes & jointed arms. Antique. Bisque Circa 1910-1920


Rose O'Neill KEWPIE DOLL Antique w/front &back stickers. Bisque circa 1910-20


HUGE 9" Antique German Bisque Kewpie by Rose O'Neill c.1900


6" Antique 1910’s-1920’s Kewpie Germany Bisque


RARE 4” old Antique German Bisque Action Kewpie Doll Rose O’Neill sweeper tlc


Antique Miniature Bisque Rose O'Neill Kewpie Doll


Antique German Bisque Kewpie Button with Original Sticker


Rose O'Neill KEWPIE w/BASKET Antique, Bisque w/ sticker  3.5" Circa 1910-1920


SET OF 3 Rose O'Neill KEWPIE DOLLS Bisque, Antique, Jointed Arms Circa 1910-1920


ANTIQUE Kewpie Bisque Doll Huggers 3 1/2in C Trademark


4.5” Antique 1910’s-1920’s Kewpie Germany (?) All Bisque jointed arm doll


Antique German Bisque Rose O’Neill Kewpie Doll Jointed Arms - 8 1/4” Tall


Antique Kewpie Huggers by Rose O'Neil Bisque


rar Antique Dolls German bisque doll googly kewpie in the costume


Antique Kewpie Doll, 4.5" Bisque, Blue Wings, Shoulder Joints, Germany in red


Antique German Bisque Rose O’Neill Kewpie Doll Jointed Arms - 4” Tall


Antique Bisque 3.5" Hugging Bride And Groom Kewpie Dolls


Kewpie Rosie O’Neill 5 inch Bisque Jointed Arms Excellent Condition Antique


Antique Dolls German bisque doll googly kewpie with cloth dwarf 1900


Antique Bisque 4”(DOLLY) Side Glance Goggly Character Doll Kewpie Type Swimsuit


Antique Bisque Kewpie Doll Head Bottle Assemblage


RARE Antique Rose O'Neill German Bisque 6" Kewpie Doll with pacifier BEAUTIFUL


Antique Rose O'Neill Bisque Revolutionary War Soldier Kewpie Figurine


2 Antique Mini German Bisque Porcelain & 2 Kewpie plastic dolls Jointed dolls!!


Rare antique Germany bisque Rose O'Neill Kewpie Traveler Doll Orig. Label MINT!


Early Antique German Bisque 2 1/2" Kewpie Doll Fantastic


Antique Marked Germany Rose O'Neill Large 7.5" Bisque Kewpie Doll Jointed Arms


Antique Bisque 3 1/2" Kewpie Huggers


three . Antique Bisque Tiny 2" Rose O'Neill Kewpie Buttonier ☆Adorable☆ lot 7


Antique German Bisque Kewpie Doll Rosie O'Neill Blue Wings 6-3/4" Small Flaw




Antique Rose O'Neill 6" Jointed Arms Bisque Kewpie Doll ~ BLUE WINGS


Antique Rose O'Neill All Bisque Kewpie Dolls- Bride and Groom Figures


Antique Rose O'Neill Bisque Kewpie Thinker Sitting Kewpie Doll German


4.5” Antique 1910’s-1920’s Kewpie O’Neill Germany Timmy Sticker All Bisque #S


3.5” Antique Kewpie All Bisque German Governor On Chair C On Bottom Excellent #S